About LoRaWAN®

The Internet of things is a technology revolution that would establish connectivity between billions of day-to-day things ranging from door locks to cars to buildings to satellites! Such a massive number of Things - deployed across large distances, mostly battery - powered and spanning different application verticals - would have communication requirements of their own.

LoRaWAN®  breaks IoT limitations!

LoRaWAN®  is a cutting-edge Low-Power Wide Area Network(LPWAN) technology protocol that has been designed to wirelessly connect “Things” in regional, national or global networks.[1]  LoRaWAN offers multi-kilometer connectivity at astonishingly low power consumption rates. This breaks the constraints imposed by traditional networking technologies and thereby opens up a whole new range of applications in the IoT world.

Why LoRaWAN®  

Years of battery life

Maximizing battery life-time of IoT devices would be of utmost necessity. LoRaWAN does exactly this: Optimizes power consumption and thereby providing a battery life spanning over years!

Long Range

Provides multi-kilometer connectivity where communication range is much greater than traditional cellular networks.Typical LoRaWAN setups offer a coverage of 2-5 kms in urban areas, 15+ kms in semi-urban & rural areas. [2][3] LoRaWAN also offers deep indoor coverage.[4]

End-to-End Secure

With respect to LoRaWAN architecture where Sensor nodes communicate to central servers via gateways, LoRaWAN would be suitable for public nationwide deployments and highly controlled private rollouts where security & control are essential.

LoRaWAN incorporates a double-layer of security:

  • Network layer security: Ensures authenticity & integrity of devices in the network.
  • Application layer security: Ensures confidentiality of users’ application data, even on shared networks.
Open Standard and Scalable

LoRaWAN is capable of addressing billions of IoT devices. And such a huge scale comes as an open standard i.e., it's not proprietary or doesn't depend on a single player in the ecosystem.

LoRaWAN enables IoT deployments at large scale because it is:

  • Open Standard
  • Easy to Install
  • Flexible to adapt
  • Can be utilized by public, private or hybrid networks
  • Extremely economical

LoRaWAN Offers Unprecedented Business Opportunities

LoRaWAN is the global de facto LPWAN standard for IoT and quickly becoming the connectivity backbone for a multitude of smart city applications.

-Donna Moore, CEO and Chairwoman,
LoRa Alliance

65 Bn USD

Projected LPWAN market value in 2023 rising from 1.5 Bn USD in 2018.
Source: Global Market Insights


Estimated share of LoRaWAN by 2023 out of all LPWAN connectors.
Source: Semtech, IHS Markit

105 Million

Devices deployed across the globe on every inhabited continent.
Source: Semtech


Known use-cases and the number is growing rapidly.
Source: Semtech

Enabling endless use-cases in IoT

LoRaWAN acts as one communication backbone between a wide variety of Things - thereby enabling new IoT, M2M, Smart City and sensor-network based applications. These applications span several verticals[5]  including:

  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Industrial Automation
  • Smart Healthcare & many more.

With the wide range of opportunities LoRaWAN unlocks, it has received a lot of attention from technology enthusiasts, network operators, solution providers and businesses world-wide. LoRaWAN creates unparalleled experiences and technology avenues for improving the quality of life of people around the globe.

The Things Conference India 2019

Just as the world is catching up with the disruptive technology LoRaWAN, The Things Conference India 2019 is being organized to build a bigger, better and stronger LoRaWAN ecosystem in India.

This Asia’s largest conference on LoRaWAN brings together CEOs, CTOs, governments, IoT and LoRaWAN industry leaders, startups and tech-enthusiasts to share the knowledge and explore future possibilities with LoRaWAN.

The conference is being organized at HICC, Hyderabad on 18th - 19th October 2019 by CyberEye.
For more information, Click here


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